Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Potterfest Fan Convention Coming to Galway, Ireland

Sorry I havent posted in an age as big as Dumbledore's, new job etc have kept me away. The twitter is very much up and running so make sure to check us out at http://www.twitter.com/DanaholicsAnony.

Exciting news for Irish Potter fans! Potterfest returns to National University Galway 13th to 15th March and there's as always a fan-tastic lineup including the annual Yule Ball with some real wrock music! Whats more the event will support Make a Wish Foundation.
A summary from the press release is below:

Special guests over the weekend are set to include Wizard Wrock act Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons, as well as the creators of upcoming original fan film, “Mudblood and the Book of Spells”.
Áras na Mac Léinn in NUIG will be transformed into Hogwarts for three days of magical fun, with a huge variety of events such as Potter-themed games, cosplay competitions, panels, classes, roleplaying workshops and guest speakers on everything Potter.
Guests will have the opportunity to be sorted into their perfect Hogwarts House and attend classes in all of Harry’s favourite subjects, from Potions, Transfiguration and Herbology to Defence Against the Dark Arts. The cast and crew of “Mudblood and the Book of Spells” will be giving a behind-the-scenes sneak peak of what to expect from their movie. A fantastic variety of Harry Potter merchandise will be available for purchase in the Trade Hall, while some of the most talented artists from around Ireland will be show-casing and selling their work in the Artists’ Alley.
On Saturday night PotterFest will be hosting their very own Yule Ball, with music from Wizard Rock band, Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons. The fun continues for the adults with Hogwarts After Dark, which will include cards games and fanfiction readings.
Sunday is Mothers’ Day in the Wizarding World too; the occasion will be honoured with a Mums of Potter Panel, as well as a Tea Party with Mrs. Weasley. And of course, there will be plenty of opportunities to learn how to play Quidditch with the Galway Grindylows, Ireland’s first Muggle University team.
You can now join the Facebook event and purchase tickets here at €10 a day tickets and €15 for the weekend with some concessions.
Danaholics will be covering the event and will write up a report with lots of photos! Let me know if you are attending in the comments!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Emma Watson: New 'Regression' and 'Colonia' promos

New promotional and set images from Emma Watson's upcoming films Regression and Colonia can now be found in our albums.

In other Emma stuff, Vanity Fair did an article on how she rocked in 2014 - continuing to do so in 2015 I imagine!

UPDATED, SORT OF: Matthew Lewis: Death in Paradise guest starring coming soon, Matt Edmonson show with Evanna Lynch! Bluestone 42 S3 Info

As the new series of BBC crime-comedy show Death in Paradise has begun, it is only a matter of time before Matthew Lewis appears on it! What are your predictions? Victim? Suspect? Sexy Lifeguard? 
We'll update when we know what episode he is it. In the meantime you can still catch the show every Thursday on BBC1 at 9pm.

UPDATE, from the horses mouth to us, if you will *sqwee*:

In other Matt news, he recently appeared on the radio show The Matt Edmonson show alongside fellow Potter alumni Evanna Lynch. Listen below as they play Celebrity Rhyme Time:

Huge thanks to MatthewLewis.com for the tip!

A short snippit sneak of Bluestone 42 is available as part of the BBC3 new year sneak peek. Season 2 is being re-aired from the 16th January with season 3 following directly after:

Rupert Grint: 'Postman Pat' hits UK Netflix, Ends his run on 'It's Only a Play', Tastemakers TV, Julie Walters: a life on screen

It a bit of good news, UK and Ireland users of Netflix can now watch Postman Pat voice-starring our new favourite singer Rupert Grint, free of charge.

In other Rupert news, his schedule suddenly got much free-er (let's hope he's taking it better than Potter ending for his sake, poor boo) as It's Only a Play changes it's line-up slightly for the remainder of it's run. Left you can see Rupert being given flowers my co-star Matthew Broderick as he bows out. 
Let's hope this means Enemy of Man is heading towards a-go?

Rupert.Grint.US are reporting that Rupert filmed an episode of Tastemakers TV while in the US. No word yet on when this will air. See an image of him filming here.

Finally, in case you missed it, below is the documentary Julie Walters: a life on screen  in full which featured small snippits from Rupert.

Evanna Lynch: 'Dynamite' trailer incoming, 'My Name is Emily' stil and article

Evanna Lynch has been silently working away on projects and one is coming together quite nicely. That project is called Dynamite: a Cautionary Tale and will be getting it's first trailer next week along with a final call for funds to round it off. The Facebook of the film posted this exciting message:
Hey everyone! First of all thank you so much for all your support for Dynamite!
We are thrilled to announce some very exciting updates. The movie's all shot, pieced together and looks amazing, but we want our post production process to be top notch and make the film as stunning as we know it can be. For this reason we'll be starting an Indiegogo campaign next week for post production funds!
***And on our Indiegogo page, we're FINALLY going to be able to show you all our very first trailer, and personal videos from Tate, Ian, and Evanna. You do not want to miss it!
Thank you all for your patience these past few weeks as we geared up for the campaign. Things are about to get WILD 
Stills can be seen here.
In other projects, Evanna finished making another film entitled My Name is Emily back in October and The Hollywood Reporter had an article on the film you may have missed. The film is an Irish drama and is summaried as the following:
a romance and road movie about a teenage girl who leaves a foster home with a friend to find her father, who is locked up in a psychiatric institution, is the debut feature from Simon Fitzmaurice and stars Lynch as title character Emily.
Two stills were also released of the film, and these can be found above and in our album.