Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tom Felton: 2 new Belle promos, Featurette and Website, Vancouver Con Details

We posted on our Facebook recently that the website for Tom Felton's period drama Belle had finally been launched and posted two new images of Tom from the film. These images can be viewed here

The website can be accessed here
their facebook here 
and that featurette is at this link.

In other news, Tom, as we said before, will be at Vancouver Fan Expo and details are below:
Tom will be in attendance half the day on Friday, as well as all day on both Saturday and Sunday.
There are still tickets available here.
Autograph prices: $50 each                                                                                             Photo Op prices: $60 each   *you can purchase photo op tickets in advance from the link above*
According to the schedule posted on the VFE 2014 site, Tom’s photo op sessions are at 1:30pm on Saturday, and 3:00pm on Sunday. His Q&A panel is at 1:00pm on Sunday. *subject to change*

Inishmaan promo! Talks Tokyo Vice & Brooklyn Bridge, Video NYC Turnout, Associated Press Interview and More

Some new videos and interviews with Daniel Radcliffe have emerged where he discusses the  Cripple of Inishmaan move to Broadway and it's success. Check them out below!

Dan also spoke to USA Today about the play, an interview in which he mentioned his upcoming project Tokyo Vice and even the recently confirmed Brooklyn Bridge. Check it out below:

In images, some curtain call shots have emerged and these are in the gallery here while a few are below.  

In Interviews, Dan  recently sat down with the Associated Press. Below are some snippits while the full interview can be found by clicking the words "sat down" above!
In the interview she speaks about:

The  lovely welcome Americans give him:
The former "Harry Potter" star is consistently greeted by a burst of applause when makes his entrance on Broadway, no matter if it's a musical or a drama. The first time it happened was in "Equus" in 2008 and he had to stop himself from laughing.
"It's just something we are so unaccustomed to in England," Radcliffe says. "Obviously, it's a sign of being very liked and that's lovely. It's just something I don't think I'll ever get used to.
McDonagh's at times shocking wit:
McDonagh's plays are littered with violence — hands separated from limbs, people tortured upside down — but Radcliffe says "The Cripple of Inishmaan" may knock some people off-guard.
"People who know the more brutal side of him will come to this play and be quite surprised by how moving it actually is," he says. "It's a beautiful play and a sad play and hopefully a play that will get people laughing despite themselves."
Preparing to play a character with a disability:
Though the script doesn't specify what Billy has beyond suffering partial paralysis, the actor decided his character has a form of cerebral palsy called hemiplegia.
"You're on dodgy ground a little bit when you're an able-bodied actor playing a character who lives with a disability. So I want to make it as authentic as I possibly can and by that I didn't just mean learning the physical, superficial mechanics of a disease and mimicking them," Radcliffe says.
"It's so much more than that and I think it would be very offensive to people to think you could just play a disability as if it's like putting on a hat."
How he choses his roles:
"I like playing weird characters," he says, laughing. "I can only base things on the type of films I would want to see or the type of stuff that I would want to go to. That's how I make my decisions." 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dan Radcliffe: Inishmaan Begins on Broadway Today, New 'Meet the Cast' Video

Who's going to see the Cripple of Inishmaan on Broadway tonight!? Previews start this very evening at the beautiful Cort Theatre. For a sneak preview of the show, check out our review of the West End production here, look at photos here, here and here and watch the meet the cast video below:
Have you entered the Sweepstakes to win tickets and walk the red carpet?

Matthew Lewis: Cast in Brontes & Bluestone 42 Renewed for 3rd Season

It's been a while (and a whole second season) since we updated on Bluestone 42 (my bad!) and it was great to hear a little while ago that this great dry wit comedy will be returning to BBC3 in the near future!


In other Matt news, we was recently cast in The Brontes, as the brother Branwell:
The Brontes, which, according to their Twitter description, is “the first big-budget, English language, feature-length biopic film of the Bronte siblings.” Their Facebook also has a date of April 2016 attached to the film, but release dates are always subject to change.
The film also has a twitter which can be followed here for updates. The film's director has said that he is "excited" to work with Matt and "Matthew’s been my first choice to play Branwell Bronte since we first started working on the production and I’m delighted that he’s agreed to play the role."

Rupert Grint: Foosball US Release Date, New Role in Moonwalkers, Starlight Ambassador

In Rupert film news,  his recently animated feature which was previously named Foosball and The Unbeatables, has been picked up by the Weinstein company and renamed Underdogs for a US release this summer. The date set is August 27th and "the film will have a wide release and AMC theaters already has it listed on their website."

In new projects, Rupert is to film Moonwalkers this May, before Enemy of Man (beginning shooting in August) . He will star alongside Ron Pearlman (and former Cherrybomb buddy Robert Sheehan) and the film will be made in Belgium. The synopsis is below:
July 1969, Tom Kidman (Ron Perlman aka Hellboy), a special agent of the CIA, was sent to London to find Stanley Kubrick and convince him to turn a fake moon landing in case the Apollo mission would fail. It is not Kubrick, but in his place, Jonny (Rupert Grint, aka Ron in Harry Potter), manager of a seedy rock band. Jonny is the bad dream Kidman. Kidman is the nightmare of Jonny. They have no choice but to work together to accomplish their mission, their lives and develop the biggest scam of all time.
I'm thinking this will split audiences.....but am glad work is picking up for our favourite redhead!
In other recent news, Rupert has become a celebrity ambassador for children's charity Starlight.
It was a great pleasure to help Starlight grant Callum’s wish before Christmas and I really look forward to doing more to support this wonderful charity. I have seen first hand just how much of an impact a Starlight Wish can have on a seriously ill child – it really makes a huge difference to them and their family – so I am delighted to become a Starlight Ambassador

Rupert recently visited art spot God's Own Junkyard in London and a picture of him with owner Chris Bracey's granddaughters is above left.