Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tom Felton speaks about 'Clavius' in video interview

This interview is about a week old, but for those of you who have not seen it, enjoy. Tom Felton attended a BFI gala dinner and spoke about Draco, Clavius and working with the other Finnes brother, Joseph. Check out the clips below with thanks to Snitchseeker for posting:

Evanna Lynch and Matthew Lewis sign onto new projects: My Name is Emily and Death in Paradise

Evanna Lynch has begun work playing a 16 year old named Emily "living with foster parents at the moment because her mother has died and her dad has been taken to asylum, and she thinks he’s fine." A behind-the-scenes video is below:

In other extended DA cast news, Matthew Lewis (busy until recently all over the globe filming season 3 of Bluestone 42 with the Brontes filming some time in the future) has joined the fourth season of popular BBC show Death in Paradise. A synopsis of the series as a whole is below and it will air sometime in early 2015:
As the series returns, the endearingly clumsy but brilliant DI Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall) is struggling to contain his feelings for DS Camille Bordey (Sara Martins), who in turn finds herself battling the dating scene - all thanks to her well meaning mother. Officer Dwayne Myers (Danny John-Jules) attempts to hold the fort following the departure of Sergeant Fidel Best (Gary Carr), who has left Saint Marie for a new job on a neighbouring island.

But Comm. Selwyn Patterson (Don Warrington) is keen to step up and exercise his investigative muscles once again, much to Dwayne’s frustration. The police department also welcomes new recruit, Sergeant Florence Cassell, played by popular French actress Josephine Jobert (Sous Le Soleil De Saint-Tropez). 

Bonnie Wright upcoming projects: Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg, The Highway is for Gamblers, Before I Sleep

BFI Gala Dinner

Bonnie Wright is a woman that never seems to not be working away on her own projects, from appearing in films to directing short films.

In confirmed upcoming appearances, Bonnie is to co-star in the family film Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg as Diane a "shady new manager of the camp in the story". The synopsis is as follows and the Kickstarter page can be viewed for more info:
The story of Nelson Nutmeg focuses on four children on their annual summer holiday who suspect that their holiday park’s mascot is in danger.

Bonnie is also attached to another Kickstarter project, The Highway is For Gamblers. However funding falls quite a bit short of targets so it is unknown when this will be made. A video where the redhead speaks about her role in the story is now below:

In other videos, the first video containing footage of her directorial project Before I Sleep has been released, and comes in the form of a music video by one of the filom's producers Billy Sharff. Check it out below:

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tom Felton: Too Tough to Teach VoiceOver in full, to direct Meet the Fanatics and attend Tulsa & Birmingham Comic-Con

Since we last posted on Tom Felton he has done a voice over for one documentary and directed another. 
Channel 5 documentary Too Tough to Teach aired September 29th and October 6th with Tom doing voiceover. Part 1 of episode one can be viewed below with part 2 and 3, as well as part 1, 2 and 3 of episode 2 available by clicking the numbers.

Tom also will direct and host a documentary for BBC3 about Superfans. This has yet to air (people can still apply to be featured by emailing and is summarised as the following:
In November 2014 Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter) will be in the midst of Convention season heading to Tulsa to attend one of the world’s largest film and TV cult festivals Wizard World and on this side of the Atlantic attending Comic Con at Birmingham’s NEC. Every year thousands of super fans come together at these locations – wearing elaborate and intricate costumes – to meet the ‘real’ people behind their favourite shows. For the young men and women who attend it can be a life changing and often overwhelming experience as they meet the stars they’ve idolised for years.
For Tom the convention tour has been part of his life for over a decade, but now as an adult and with some distance from the franchise that made him world famous, Tom wants to take a step back and look at the conventions from the side of the super fan – attempting to understand for the first time why these young people become so attached to these fantastical books, movies and TV series and more importantly by spending time with fans and hearing from his celebrity friends and co-stars ask: when does a fan become a fanatic?
1×60′, director and presenter is Tom Felton. Executive producer: Colleen Flynn and Andrew Palmer from KEO Films. Commissioning editor for the BBC is Elliot Reed.
We'll post when we have a date of air.
The above summary also let us know that Tom will attend two conventions, Tulsa and Comic-Con in Birmingham. More info on Tulsa is available on Feltbeats here, while info on Comic-Con is here.

Daniel Radcliffe: Horns new love clip, on Lorainne and BBC Radio

The Daily Mail have posted a new clip from Horns of Daniel Radcliffe and Juno Temple before the tragedies of the film unfold. Check it out below:

In other promotional stuff, Daniel appeared on tv show Lorainne and UK viewers can watch that on the ITV player here
For the rest of us, it is available below:

In other interviews, Daniel appeared on Radio One. Listen to the interview here.
Belfast Telegraph interview can be read on their site.

Images from both appearances are in our Horns gallery.

Tune in  to Jonathan Ross this Saturday for another interview, lets hope its less cringy than the last one he did for Equus or we won't be watching with parents!